Disposable endoscopes

Disposable Endoscopes / Single-use Endoscopes

Demand for single-use endoscopes has increased significantly even before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Disposable devices assure patient-specific care while reducing risk of infection/contamination.

In 2019 the global disposable endoscopes market size value was approximately $1.03B with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of a whopping 19.8% from 2020 to 2027. Rising incidences of Hospital-acquired Infections (HAI) due to the usage of contaminated endoscopes is a key factor attributed to this growth. Low cost of maintenance, cleaning, and storage is also fueling increasing usage of single-use endoscopes. Finally, prevalence of target diseases is such as COVID-19 is also projected to boost the demand further. Data for single-use endoscopes are being adjusted for the pandemic, with predictions for “magnificent growth” in the coming years.

Healthcare organizations and device providers need to be aware of rising concerns of regulatory and government health bodies, notably in recent FDA directives and CDC guidance. There is an urgent need to reduce risk of patient infection by cross-contamination and disease transmission and turn to disposable components. With this growing demand for single-use devices (especially for hospital settings), cost-effectiveness is more of a factor than ever for endoscopes.

The Advantage of Customized Single-Use Endoscopes

The micro ScoutCam™ is the world’s smallest medical device camera, 1.0mm including illumination. There is over two decades of clinical experience covering the company’s customizable core technology for surgical endoscope cameras. This superior cost/value ratio makes ScoutCam solutions highly suitable for single-use/disposable devices.

Clinical Applications for Single-Use Endoscopes

Recent market trends indicate that greatest market demand for disposable endoscopes will continue to be for hospital-based procedures, followed by diagnostic centers and lastly clinics. Clinical applications for single-use endoscopes span a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic/surgical procedures: ENT, dentistry, bronchoscopy, gastroenterology (single-use colonoscopes and disposable gastroscopes), general surgery, cardiology, gynecology, urology, and orthopedics (arthroscopy).
Several emerging clinical applications can also leverage high-definition micro-camera video technology: aortic visualization for stent placement and capsule endoscopy delivery devices.


Disposable endoscope equipment providers can benefit from customized solutions that utilize clinically proven miniature cameras with full integration of the latest micro endoscopic camera technology and related components:

  • Integrated illumination allows for high-quality imagining while maintaining small diameter from 1mm in single-use and multi-use micro cameras
  • Patented system for integrated irrigation of camera head, reducing overall diameter and streamlining the endoscopic process
  • Waterproof construction enables a wide array of investigations in wet environments
  • Single-use design via integrated irrigation and illumination systems
  • Wireless transmission ideal for OR use via option for zero latency wireless video transmission – RF protected and resistant to magnetic fields

Tiny Single-Use Endoscope Cameras with Massive Flexibility

Tailored micro-visualization solutions for procedures requiring disposable / single-use endoscopes are based on flexible “building blocks” consisting of the core in-house technology and complementary components:

  • Micro CMOS Sensors include proprietary and off-the-shelf, high-resolution miniature sensors from 40Kpx to HD
  • Proprietary optic designs and micro-lenses assembly
  • High-end DSP video processors providing optimal image quality
  • Endoscopes – Leading types including rigid, semi-flexible, steerable and flexible endoscopes
  • Superior illumination using FO or LED
  • Long, Lightweight Cables with cable diameter of 0.58 mm and cable-length of up to 30m+
  • Ultrasound Option for guidance into position when visibility is not possible
  • Procedure-specific tools (versus generic scopes with tools for every procedure) lower the cost and make the procedure achievable to all

Partnering with leading medical equipment providers, ScoutCam is refining the quality of health care through visual solutions that are less invasive and smaller than ever before.
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