PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE IN TRANSPORTATION®’s visualizing, analyzing, predictive maintenance and condition-based monitoring solutions provide the automotive and transportation industry greater productivity and safety.

Predictive Maintenance for Transportation Predictive Maintenance in Transportation


Intent on delivering people and goods around the world, the transportation industry includes both public and private transportation modes, cargo shipping, fleets and fleet operators, and man-operated and automated vehicles.

Transportation Equipment Operator Transportation Equipment Operator

OPERATING EQUIPMENT IN THE TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY’s visualizing, analyzing and predicting solutions offer cutting edge technology for optimal results, providing the ability to identify a possible malfunction within the system’s critical components, before it can cause a tragic loss of life, force an unnecessary shutdown, delay operations or rack up costs.

Wide-ranging transportation systems include a great deal of heavy machinery, which can be incredibly expensive to replace. Prolonging the longevity of components within such a system, via predictive maintenance in transportation, is therefore imperative for any operation intent on minimizing its expenses.

Maintenance Transportation Maintenance Transportation

PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE AND THE TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY’s predictive maintenance technology allows operational systems within the transportation industry to maximize their efficiency and uphold a high level of safety, by paying attention to their everyday functioning and looking to notice any irregularities in real-time. Once a deviation from normal operations is identified, the data concerning it is stored and analyzed, in an effort to decipher what led a certain component to skew from its expected reactions.

Condition-based Monitoring Transportation Condition-based Monitoring Transportation


Condition-based monitoring, or CBM, is a vital part of predictive maintenance. By relying on highly sensitive, yet incredibly durable sensor equipment,’s CBM technology is able to pinpoint which component is exhibiting an unusual way of functioning, alerting to its deviation from normal protocol for further inspection and fast-acting response.

CBM is often a deciding factor in providing vast systems of transportation the ability to successfully adjust to what is still a localized malfunction, and react to it while it remains relatively contained, and before it is allowed to cause irreparable damage.

By providing predictive maintenance in railways the sensor data it needs, CBM performs a vital part in the overall monitoring and oversight that are necessary to maximize safety and operation standards.

pdm transportation pdm transportation

MEETING THE NEEDS OF TODAY’S TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY’s visualizing, analyzing and predictive maintenance solutions provide the transportation industry with life-saving, cost-effective and time-saving responses to potential problems. Offering essential, predictive data within a real-time setting allows to effectively target issues concerning cargo transport operations, locomotive systems, engine performance and exhaust systems, heavy machinery, transportation fleets and more.



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