Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Predictive Maintenance Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Predictive Maintenance

The popularity of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is increasing day by day, and amplifies the accessibility for a variety of applications, civilian and military ones. The challenge of dependability of UAVs, like problems of maintenance, have become tremendously important in recent years: engines became more robust, allowing for a longer flight time, avionics was upgraded, etc. Regardless of that, the approach regarding the reliability of UAVs is still too fatalistic.

UAV Predictive Maintenance UAV Predictive Maintenance

To reduce costs and maximize up-time, Odysight.ai®’s unique technology, Camera as a Sensor™, was developed to enable the ability to shift from the traditional maintenance approach that is focused on replacing parts as needed to a predictive maintenance one which focuses on monitoring the condition of UAV parts at all times.

Predictive Maintenance For Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Predictive Maintenance For Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

At the heart of this process improvement, Odysight.ai has refined the ability to inspect malfunctions ahead of time utilizing unique image-based and AI capabilities. This state-of-the-art technology can reach locations that were unreachable, in regular or harsh environments.

UAV Image Analysis UAV Image Analysis

Odysight.ai’s proprietary solution enables a clear visualization and image analysis of the damaged area. Applying its embedded AI capabilities, Camera as a Sensor™, which meets the technical requirements for size, harsh conditions, and AI competences, allows for the monitoring and alerting in real-time in case of an impending failure, thus mitigating the risk of a crash.



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Starter-Kit Probe 1.8mm


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