ScoutCam To Collaborate With Global Defense Contractor On Monitoring Solution For Its Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

System Will Integrate ScoutCam’s Proprietary Technology/Cameras, Communication, Controls, Sensing, Image Processing, Data Processing and Networking Technologies

OMER, Israel, Nov. 09, 2021 – ScoutCam (OTCQB:SCTC), a leading provider of turnkey I4.0 visualization solutions, composed of field-proven highly resilient image acquisition unit, data collection and storage with dedicated AI capabilities, today announced it has been selected by a leading global defense contractor (the “Contractor”) to collaborate on a visual monitoring solution for the Contractor’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (“UAVs”).

The Journal of Mathematics reports that the use of unmanned systems has seen a significant increase over the last ten years, especially in security and defense applications, where remote locations and dangerous circumstances make undetected reconnaissance and observation difficult and risky.

The companies will work together to create a comprehensive solution that will monitor the UAV’s equipment by integrating ScoutCam’s next-generation cameras, communication, controls, sensing, image processing, data processing and networking technologies into a system that can be mounted on the UAV.

Yovav Sameah, Chief Executive Officer of ScoutCam, commented on the announcement, “We are pleased to collaborate with such a high-profile contractor. The confidential and specialized nature of their UAV-related applications make the selection of integrated technologies a critical decision; particularly within the defense and security context, where mistakes can impact national security and, far too often, result in death.”

Sameah added, “Like many of our Industry 4.0 customers, defense contractors rely on condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions that operate under extreme conditions. This is especially true where the gear costs are high (aviation) or the cost of project interruption can be significant (energy and transportation). ScoutCam’s imaging technology offers a solution with a proven track record of withstanding harsh environments and offers high-end data analysis thereby enabling early fault detection”.

About ScoutCam

ScoutCam is a leading provider of image-based platforms. Pioneering the use of its proprietary visualization technology, ScoutCam offers state-of-the-art solutions across a variety of Predictive Maintenance and Condition Based Monitoring markets, thus paving the way for the energy, automotive and aviation industries. ScoutCam’s solutions are based on small and highly resilient cameras, specialized AI analysis and supplementary technologies.

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