Chief Demonstrations Officer of Cisco Talks About Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) Technology

“This little device that you see underneath my quarter (25 cents coin) here is a camera that has wireless capabilities, a camera, lighting, battery, all built into this device,” said Cisco Chief Demonstration Officer when he shared his insights about Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) unique technology and features.

Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) Research and Development team is continuously developing high-quality visualization systems, such as Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) Camera-as-a-Sensor™ technology that is accompanied by specialized trained AI models that are being deployed in hard-to-reach locations and harsh environments, across diverse Predictive Maintenance (PdM) and Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) use cases.

Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) platform is deployed across multiple Industry4.0 markets, including: aviation, energy, mobility and transportation, unmanned aerial vehicles, wind turbines and more.

The company’s platform is resilient to extreme conditions (such as: temperatures of -127°C to +100°C, radiation, vacuum and vibrations). It has been successfully demonstrated in a variety of environments, including outer space during NASA’s Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM3) outside the international space station for four consecutive days.

The features of this smart technology include, optics design of the technology, superior image quality & excellent customizable optics, highly resilient temperatures, Illumination, video Processors, advanced image processing algorithms & video recording capabilities, proprietary software and AI, machine learning AI models and more.


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