Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) 1.8 thread drilling inspection camera

Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) offers a 1.8mm inspection camera and technology which is a multi-environment solution camera. The technology includes illumination, flexible cables and can withstand harsh environments.

Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) 1.8mm micro camera is ideal for leak detection, inspection, as can be seen in the video, where it enables a clear visualization of the inspected place and/or product – thread drilling. It can also observe and inspect structures, engineering works, water pipes, ground, tunnels, transportation systems, energy facilities and more. Systems can be visually examined, close by or remotely, and diagnosed utilizing the unique technology in a fast and efficient way.

Flexible and maneuverable, Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) 1.8mm camera can easily move through complex systems. Once reaching the inspection target, it can observe it with high-quality, wide-view images and bright LED illumination. Moreover, if needed to visually inspect dangerous or hazardous areas, such as inside a nuclear power plant, Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) 1.8mm micro camera can help maintain a safer distance.

Tough and lightweight, it is extremely robust and long lasting. Its high-resolution technology has unique properties that have been authenticated by customers, such as NASA, in the strictest environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, vibrations, and radiation.

Applications include a variety of industries, such as aviation, transportation, wind turbines, unmanned aerial vehicles and energy.


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