Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) 3.0 CCD camera inside a metal sleeve

This video demonstrates Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) 3mm camera capabilities inside a metal sleeve. Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) state-of-the-art technology features superb image quality for its size and is uniquely designed to reach hard to access areas, making it ideal for condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance for robotic tooling, industrial systems and more.

The latest stage in the ever-growing global marketplace, Industry 4.0 includes the automation of different industrial processes, machine learning and a growing reliance on industrial IoT the Internet of Things (IoT), which is composed of the online, wireless exchange of information between devices embedded with sensor equipment. Its impact on our lives is still unfolding, as the breadth of its effects continue to shape our present and future.

By providing cutting-edge technology that cuts down on vehicle malfunctions rates while increasing operational time, Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) visualizing, analyzing and predicting solutions constitute a significant contribution to the currently developing Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Long-distance remote visual inspection can be fast and efficient with Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) 3mm camera. It is flexible and maneuverable, the length is 3 meters, which can be modified to a smaller or larger value. Its unique technology enables its move through complex piping systems. When reaching an inspection target, it can effectively be examined with high-quality, wide-view images and a frame rate of 30fps.

Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) 3mm camera is waterproof, durable and can be in use for a variety of industries, including aviation, energy, mobility and more.


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