Hand Video Sample with Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) 3.45mm camera

Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) 3.45mm diameter is a micro-color CMOS video camera that is ideal for medical devices and can also be in use for industrial applications.

This hand video sample presents outstanding image quality and performance. Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) 3.45mm camera can take endoscopic imaging to the next level. Designed for easy integration into a variety of devices, the camera head is already equipped with optics and a video processor, making it particularly well-suited for incorporation in flexible or rigid endoscopic devices.

Medical applications that highly benefit Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) 3.45mm camera and technology are gastroscopy, colonoscopy, arthroscopy, laparoscopy and more.

Nevertheless, industrial applications can profit from utilizing it for a variety of applications, which include inspections in the aviation sector, energy, unmanned aerial vehicles, transportation, wind-turbines and more. This unique technology enables service providers to collect real-time data and AI-based analytics that yield benefits, such as reduced downtime, improved elevator reliability and lowered costs.

The development of micro-cameras solutions offers visualization problem-solving options that are able to fit into the tiniest of crevices and withstand the harshest of terrains. This allows the examination of the various parts and components that make up complex systems and machinery, collecting crucial data on the real-time operation process.


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