Ronit Rubin BOD


Ms. Rubin presently serves as EMEA President of AllCloud, a company that provides Cloud services and solutions that expedite and support every stage of the cloud journey mainly for AWS, Salesforce and Snowflake. Ms. Rubin has a distinguished background in a wide range of activities in the field of business technology, having served as the Commander (CIO) of the Computers Unit of the Israeli Navy. In that position, her responsibilities included the implementation of innovative technologies, data communications, and information security, as well as initiation of cross-organization information system development projects. After her discharge from the Navy, she served as VP Information Technology at Cal-Israel Credit Cards Ltd. Ms. Rubin then served as VP Information Technology and as VP Business Division at Partner Communications Ltd. Ms. Rubin previously served as a board member of Viola Data Center (GDC) and is currently a member of the board of directors of CardCom Technology. Ms. Rubin holds a degree in Economics and Logistics as well as a MBA degree.


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