Knee Exploration with Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) 1.2mm CMOS camera

Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) 1.2mm CMOS camera measures at only 1.2mm (camera diameter) x 5mm (camera length). This micro camera is waterproof, customizable and utilizes the highest quality components, including exclusively designed CMOS sensor technology and five optic elements.

As seen in this video, ScoutCam 1.2mm camera is exploring a knee. This camera is geared for various medical and industrial applications, including single use procedures, and it delivers remarkable image quality which combines superb sensitivity and dynamic versatility. As the gold standard for direct visualization in confines areas of the human anatomy, ScoutCam 1.2mm is designed for seamless integration into endoscopes and various other diagnostic and surgical devices.

Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) 1.2mm opens up opportunities for new medical diagnostic and therapeutic applications where the use of existing video cameras is not feasible due to size limitations. These medical applications include gastroenterology, bronchoscopy, cardiovascular, ENT, urology, gynecology, general surgery, orthopedics, dental and more.

Industrial applications, such as transportation, energy, aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, wind turbines and more can benefit from utilizing Odysight.AI (former ScoutCam) 1.2mm camera for condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance. This unique technology enables service providers to collect real-time data and AI-based analytics that yield benefits, such as reduced downtime, improved elevator reliability and lowered costs.


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