Industry: Mobility (trains)

Application: Predictive maintenance for trains.® deliverables / products:’s patented solution enables onboard real-time monitoring of brake pad wear.


Challenges: An inaccessible area while the train is in operation.

Solution: detects real-time brake pads wear and sends notifications to driver and depot.

Benefits: This pioneering technology allows for real-time prediction and prevention of malfunctions in train brake-pads, consequently enabling them to increase data inspection and save budgetary resources and loss of lives.

Locomotive Maintenance

Locomotive Maintenance

The railway industry is undergoing a widespread transformation in its maintenance and operations practices to ensure efficient and sustainable transport systems. The safety of rail operations hinges on the reliability of their brake systems which are exposed to harsh conditions, thus leading to soiling, increased wear and tear and brake system damage.

Regular checks as part of a maintenance protocol are conducted to prevent the braking action from being compromised. For maintenance contractors and rail network operators responsible for their upkeep, current maintenance procedures dictate mandatory replacement of brake pads at every service interval, even if such replacement is unnecessary. While maintaining safety standards, this method can prove to be, in most circumstances, both wasteful and non-sustainable.

ScoutCam is pioneering the use of high-resolution imaging solutions with advanced AI analytics, tightly packaged to fit hard to reach places and withstand harsh environmental conditions.’s platform provides a clear visualization and analysis of the brake pads, thus enabling real-time monitoring of the width of a brake pad whilst in operation. Unlike complicated and costly track-based solutions,’s platform is easy to install on the locomotive itself, enabling live monitoring and alerting in case of faults, analysis of the remaining brake pad lifetime, creating the base for condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance procedures.

The platform is comprised of’s Camera-as-a-Sensor image module and edge processing analytics module, packed in a single, small, ruggedized packaging customized for harsh environments and tight spaces.

Designed for automated real-time data visualization, analysis, reporting, and prediction, the platform is intended for monitoring hard to reach spaces.

Once the defined brake pad wear threshold is reached, the platform can send an indication to the driver (and/or depot) with either a snapshot or short video of the brake pad current status. Processing can be performed either in the Cloud or on-location, with access to the data provided over a dedicated UI/UX. The alerts can also be connected (via an API) to relevant onboard and remote platforms for immediate action to minimize risk of safety, downtime, and unnecessary maintenance procedures.


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