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Industry: Aviation

Application: Crankshaft inspection for aviation.® deliverables / products:’s unique image-based solutions in harsh environments as well as a high-end AI platform, can inspect and provide an image analysis of inaccessible areas, thus enabling to recognize anomalies in the crankshaft itself.


Challenges: Reach unapproachable areas and monitor problems in a helicopter like no other sensor.

Solution: Installed proprietary visualization system can inspect the crankshafts of aircraft.

Benefits: This innovative development allowed the customer to inspect places that were challenging to reach before, thus enabling them to increase data inspection and save budgetary and human resources.

Inspecting Crankshafts for Aviation

In aviation, crankshafts are widely used and are an essential part of the industry. Helicopters’ manufacturers specifically, face numerous challenges to maintain the crankshafts due to lack of accessibility and their location in real-time. This challenge can lead to severe consequences for human lives.

At the heart of process improvement in such cases, has refined the ability to inspect malfunctions ahead of time utilizing unique image-based and AI capabilities. This state-of-the-art technology can reach locations that were unreachable, in regular or harsh environments.’s proprietary solution enables a clear visualization and image analysis of the crankshaft area. Utilizing its embedded AI capabilities,’s platform can detect anomalies in the crankshaft itself, for example, an increase or decrease in the thread size, which leads to the loosening of the crankshaft arm.

In such confined spaces,’s Camera-as-a-Sensor™ platform meets the technical requirements for size, harsh conditions, and AI competences, consequently enabling to monitor and alert in real-time in case of an impending failure, thus mitigating the risk of a crash and loss of life.

Implementing a live data visualization, analysis, reporting, and prediction, the platform is uniquely designed for inspecting hard to reach spaces entwined with harsh environmental conditions.’s platform is designed to create a rich and informative visual data, coupled with machine learning AI models to provide real-time analytics as a base for predictive outcomes and insights. The platform is modularly structured to allow benefits from each of its building’s blocks, from collection of video data of the crankshaft whilst in operation, to pre/post-flight analysis of its condition, to future time through failure and recommendations for corrective actions.


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