Industry: Monitoring bearing malfunction and deformation (Aviation, helicopters, civil and military aircrafts and UAVs, Energy, Mobility [trains]).

Application: Monitoring bearing malfunctions.® deliverables / products:’s patented solution allows for early detection and live tracking of micro-deformations, enabling prediction of imminent malfunctions and saving critical downtime.


Challenges: Real-time monitoring of bearing malfunctions and deformations in operation.

Solution: Installation of’s proprietary visualization system to monitor the malfunctions and deformations of bearings in real-time.

Benefits: This ground-breaking technology enables the monitoring of bearings in real-time, consequently allowing for increased data inspection, thus saving budgetary resources and critical downtime.

automatic deformation monitoring deformation monitoring points

Bearings are an essential component in mechanical systems across all industries and often require costly maintenance to provide continuous operation. As with any critical component, malfunctions and deformations of bearings are a major concern as they are one of the main reasons for the failure of rotating elements. While disparate solutions exist for tracking some elements of activity, there have been limited options for holistic monitoring and predicting platform, consequently providing late identification of possible malfunctions and deformations. In these cases,’s solution enables the detection of very small deformations by looking at the machine before it effects its functionality.

Visually inspecting a bearing during operation brings huge value and indispensable data that is inaccessible by traditional sensing technologies.’s patented platform, which utilizes high resolution image technology and dedicated AI, is designed to fit and access the inner depths of the bearing, which otherwise are out of sight. For example, hard particles may cause hollows with sharp edges. When the area around the indentation is then subject to stress due to normal over-rolling of elements, surface fatigue can occur, and the metal starts to break away.

By placing’s Camera-as-a-Sensor™ platform around the inner and outer rings of the bearing, our algorithms can identify miniscule deformations, monitor their progress and development, and predict the time of failure. Based on this revolutionary data, end users can benefit by planning more accurately their maintenance downtimes, taking early corrective actions to prevent future malfunctions, and managing their spare parts more efficiently.


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