Liquid Leakage Monitoring


Industry: Mobility, Energy, Aviation and more.

Application: Detection of liquid leakage.® deliverables / products:’s patented high-resolution visualization and analysis platform enables early detection and monitoring of liquid leakage.


Challenges: Leakage detection in hard-to-reach areas and harsh environments.

Solution:’s platform can automatically detect a leak, alert and save heavy expenses and downtime.

Benefits: This revolutionary technology allows for the detection of on-location liquid leakage for a variety of liquid containers in the energy, water and other industries.

Liquid Leakage Detection

Liquid leakage is not rare. While the techniques and resources used have improved tremendously over the years, they continue to be a significant issue across the globe. To-date, leakage detection is considered a challenge to existing sensors.

Early detection and monitoring of any leak is critical for multiple reasons, especially for preventing product malfunction or loss, minimizing downtime and clean-up costs, as well as preventing fines and damages to the corporate image. In many industries, combining image-based solutions with powerful AI capabilities is proving to be the next level of improvement for all types of leak detection. The convergence of these technologies makes it feasible to significantly improve detection accuracy, localization, and high analytic performance with very few occurrences of false positives. is pioneering the use of high-resolution imaging solutions with advanced AI analytics, tightly packaged to fit hard-to-reach places and withstand harsh environmental conditions.’s patented platform enables an early detection and monitoring of liquid leakage energy power plants, wind turbine systems, railways, planes, and UAVs, specifically suited for hard-to-reach spaces where human inspection is impossible or requires significant efforts.

The platform implementation for liquid leakage detection is comprised of’s Camera-as-a-Sensor™ image module and edge processing analytics module, packed in a single, small, ruggedized technology customized for harsh environments and tight spaces.

Designed for automated real-time data visualization, analysis, reporting, and prediction, the platform is intended for monitoring hard-to-reach spaces.

Once a leak or spill is detected, the platform can send a notification with either a snapshot or short video of the occurrence to the relevant stakeholder. Processing can be performed either on the Cloud or on-location, with access to the data provided over a dedicated UI/UX. The alerts can also be connected (via an API) to emergency response programs for immediate action to minimize spill area, damage, downtime, cleanup costs, fines, and negative publicity.


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